Josie Harrington

Prior to becoming a full-time yoga teacher, Josie worked in the NHS as a mental health nurse for over 20 years in a variety of roles. In her Yoga teaching she combines her experience and passion offering a holistic approach to yoga, exploring how to increase strength and flexibility, as well as improving health and wellbeing in everyday life. 
Josie is registered with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN)


Contact: Josie Harrington

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Booking: Contact Josie direct or the clinic on 01380 739189

Yoga Classes

75 mins | Course Block Booking | £10 per session

75 mins | Course Drop-In | £12 per session

In Josie’s classes you will explore the essence of a Yoga practice;
Breath, Asana, Relaxation and Yogic Philosophy
Taking time in the class for a balance of action, reflection and relaxation to support modern day life & our own health and wellbeing.
She welcomes anyone into class, yoga is for everyone, being able to touch your toes is not necessary or the point!

One-to-one Yoga Therapy

Individual Session | £50

5 Sessions | £225

Yoga Therapy is a mind body approach to health and wellbeing. A practical and embodied way of understanding yourself and stepping into the life you wish for. Yoga Therapy is a holistic treatment which understands that mind and body are not separate.

Yoga therapy may include all or some of the following;

Breath – what have you noticed about how your breathe? How you breathe has a direct impact on your mood, emotions and energy levels.
Mind – Are you aware you are constantly thinking? Your thinking patterns will affect your mood, energy levels, life choices.
Body – how often do you notice your body? apart from pain or needing the loo? increasing awareness of your body has far reaching benefits.
Emotions – do you feel that your emotions rule you? Would you like to find a fresh perspective and different relationship with them.
Spiritual – perhaps yoga philosophy could help to explore more wisdom and connection to yourself, others, life, the planet.
Relaxation – how often do you take time to relax (apart form TV, internet surfing, alcohol or drugs?) Do you know how to switch off? Explore the many benefits of the lost art of relaxation.
The emphasis can be on any or all of the above – it is client led and tailored to meet you where you are at.

How can Yoga Therapy help me?
Is there an area in your life or a health condition you are struggling with?
Do you struggle with patterns of behaviour or emotions?
Are you quick to anger, low mood, irritation?
Do you find yourself worrying about things out of your control?
Do you find yourself putting others first, leaving your needs last or not at all?
Is there something you would love to do or change but lack in confidence or self belief?
Do you feel disconnected from others and or your life?
Would you like to have more resilience to cope with life’s ups and downs?
Do you feel uptight and stressed most of the time?
Have you tried talking therapies & want to try a different approach?

Please get in touch with Josie if you have any questions about how yoga therapy could help you.

Yoga Workshops

Josie also runs various Yoga Workshops at Miles and Green throughout the year. For more details please visit our Booking Page