“The first time I walked in to a studio, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I had been practicing yoga at home for several years but had never stepped foot into a studio before where other people could watch me.
I was a nervous, awkward, anxious wreck (not exactly the vibe you want to bring in to a class). However, by the end of it, I was hooked on group classes” Anon

We’ve put together some general guidelines for attending class at our studio.

1. What to Wear and Bring

The most important thing is to wear clothes that allow you to move freely and comfortably.  Your attire doesn’t need to be skin tight, but we wouldn’t recommend a t-shirt that will inevitably fall around your face while practicing Downward-Facing Dog. The only thing you really need to bring is yourself.
Our studio has all the equipment you will need. We would however suggest you bring your own water bottle and a small towel. 

2. No Shoes

Shoes are a no-no when it comes to the studio. Our studio is equipped with a hardwood floor, shoes are not the safest thing. They can scuff the hardwood and can leave a mess behind. Please leave footwear in the designated area while enjoying your class time.

3. Turn Off Mobile Phones

A big part of a group class is the chance to share your practice with others. Mobile phones can be a huge distraction for you and everyone else around you. There is nothing worse than the loudest ringtone blaring out during a relaxing pose. It’s best to leave the phones behind or at the very least silenced with no vibration.

4. If You’re Late…

It happens. You rush to get to class only to find everyone has already begun the first ‘Om’ when you reach the door. Do you go in, wait for the next class, or quietly turn around and leave hoping no one saw you? We ask that you do not enter the studio if the class has already started.

5. If You Have to Leave Early…

Honestly, this is something that should be avoided. A class is made to be well-rounded and balanced, and if you leave early, you leave unbalanced, robbing yourself of the benefits of your class. If you skip Savasana, you skip allowing the body to absorb the benefits of the class you just practiced.
However, this is life, and sometimes things come up and that’s understandable. If you must leave class early, try to sit in the back near the exit. Gather your things as quietly as possible and slip out the door in full stealth mode.

6. Be Prepared for Class

Try to have your towel, water bottle, and all necessary props set up before the beginning of class. This will eliminate the need to leave your mat/cushion to retrieve them later.

7. Clean Your Area after Class

Take all props back to their appropriate location and wipe down your mat with the cleaner provided.  This helps the teacher to prep the room for their next class.

8. Respect the Teacher’s Time and Attention

If you have any medical issues or special needs, inform the teacher before class. You don’t want to wait until the middle of Headstand to tell the teacher you had surgery on your cervical spine two months ago. Leave most questions until the very end of class.
If you must ask a question during the sequence, throw a hand up and keep it short, teachers are more than happy to answer but remember, there are other students to be taught as well.

9. Personal belongings

We appreciate that you may be coming from work or have a bagful of shopping but space is quite limited for storing valuables.  If you can come light handed, great. If not we do have areas to keep your belongings while you are in class.  We ask that all belongings stay outside of the studio, to keep the space calm and distraction free.  On the first floor landing we having lockers with padlocks for you to use, we strongly recommend that you do, as we cannot be responsible for anything that is lost or stolen.  Bring your key into the studio where it will be kept safe. Directly outside the studio are hooks for coats and shoes, hang away!

By following these simple yet powerful guidelines for attending class at our studio, you, the other students, and your teacher can have a fun, fulfilling class.

Just remember, if there is anything you aren’t sure of, just ask!