Meditation Course – March

Meditation Course – March

2nd March 2020 @ 9:30 am – 10:30 am Europe/London Timezone
Miles and Green
2nd Floor
Old Swan Yard
Karen Elliott
01380 739189

Meditation and mindfulness seem to be everywhere at the moment. Apps, magazines, celebrities, they’re all at it. You may have wondered – what is it good for? Meditation is supposed to make people calmer and less anxious: I could do with that, you think! What about stress – will it help me be a bit less wound up by things? How about sleeping easier? Aches and pains in my body? Isn’t it all terribly hard to do? Well, for over two thousand years, people have been using mindfulness and meditation to live calmer, less anxious, and generally more contented lives. It’s very simple, anyone can learn and benefit from it in just a few minutes a day. Numerous controlled scientific trials have show benefits in weeks, not years. And you don’t have to have zen-like calm and no mental chatter to start doing it – in fact, it’s easier if you don’t!

In this course, you will be introduced to several different kinds of meditation. You’ll have a chance to practice them in the class, and you’ll get access to further recorded meditation sessions that you can use at home. The classes are very relaxed, and everyone from absolute beginners to those with some previous meditation experience will benefit.

The course is taught by one of our favourite practitioners, Clive Freeman. Clive has been meditating for over forty years, and is accredited with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.


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