Massage is one of the fastest growing occupations in the health industry. It’s a great time to be training.

Within Miles and Green clinic, our stunning M&G HUB with wooden floors, beams and large sash windows, is the perfect place to come and relax and start your massage training, increase your massage skills or learn basic massage to use with family and friends. Karen Elliott, lead tutor and owner of Miles and Green will be delivering your massage training as well as continuing her role as a massage therapist.

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Our unique Learner Retreats! 

For those with an interest in massage but not in practicing professionally. Our Learner retreats are relaxed and fun… Grab your friends/partners/parents and join us in the HUB!

Do you want to incorporate massage in your life? Our 3 hour Learner Retreats for two are ideal for couples looking to work together and be able to learn how to give each other a massage. Also, for those wishing to use these skills with family and friends – how wonderful! They make a great gift too. These are relaxed and fun retreats, you will learn a lot as well as receiving a wonderfully relaxing massage each. 

We have 8 different Learner Retreats ready to book now:

  • February 15th – Cupid’s Couple 
  • March 21st – Mother and Daughter Pamper 
  • April 18th – Healing Help
  • June 6th – Best Friends Celebration 
  • June 20th – Father’s Day refresh and Revive 
  • September 12th – Healing Help
  • November 14th – Winter Warmer 
  • January 9th 2021 – Christmas Cracker [

There are a maximum of 6 people per Retreat (3 sets of pairs), early booking advised.

All courses can be booked online. Visit our BOOKING PAGE