Bruising at hamstring muscle insertion and muscle tear site.

Bruising at hamstring muscle insertion and muscle tear site.

Today my client Clive presented with a hamstring injury.  It had been a obvious injury 5 days ago while doing a deadlift in the gym.  It is with his permission that I am showing the results in pictures of this particular injury. Clive was aware instantly that he had an injury in his hamstring…

He lost his balance and felt ‘a movement within the muscle going up his leg’.  Luckily Clive is an experienced gym member and as soon as he got home he applied ice to the area.  This is one of the best things that can be done within the first 24 hours of injury.  The cold slows down blood flow to the injury, reducing pain and swelling.  Cold Therapy slows circulation, reducing inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.  It should be used if the area is swollen or bruised.

By the time Clive came in for treatment today the swelling had reduced but the bruising was showing its wonderful colours!  It was a surprise to him the amount of bruising that was there, but this is a fairly normal reaction to a muscle strain or tear.

Applying Audio Sonic on the perimeter of the affected area and working towards the centre.

Applying Audio Sonic on the perimeter of the affected area and working towards the centre.

I started his treatment today.  Early treatment benefits the injury; soft tissue massage will improve the scar tissue quality and reduce tension in the muscle tissue. 

I also used the Audio Sonic mechanical massager; to increase blood circulation and metabolism and the lymphatic system (toxin removal) It also gives the natural healing process a helping hand. On touch and investigation I was happy to proceed with the above treatment, Clive presented with a Grade I tear.  His movement is now good, his swelling has reduced and the pain is eased.  He is on restricted gym work for a while and his next treatment with me is in 4 days time.



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Ashley McloonePosted on  8:41 pm - Mar 18, 2019

ive had 3 audio sonic treatments now on my shin. as i scraped shin whilst doing a box jump in crossfit and it was a bit swollen and u can feel a lump on bone there. its been about a month now shilst doing this. and to be honest, i dont see a difference whilst paying for this treatment, which isnt cheap. and i dont feel anything when she’s doing it either. are you supposed to feel anything coming from the treatment, like a vibration or such? and the swelling hasnt went down. how long does this take to go down?

adminPosted on  12:29 pm - Mar 19, 2019

Dear Ashley,
Thank you for your comment. I have sent you some details and information via email.
Best wishes

ปั้มไลค์Posted on  3:40 pm - May 22, 2020

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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