The big change is happening on the 19th July, with restrictions being lifted. We’ve yet to be told if there are to be changes to our ‘close contact’ protocols. However, the protocols at M&G Garden Clinic will remain as below. At least for a little while longer. I have spent a year getting used to wearing a mask and longer gaps in between treatments for cleaning, it is now almost normal.
I am confident that I can keep my clinic space as safe as I can for you. Although it’s not my favourite way of working, I treat vulnerable clients and am helping a very special person through chemotherapy at the moment so these protocols will help reduce any risk to them and you.
I really appreciate your support and respectfully request that you follow the protocols as set out below.
Thank you
Karen X

• If you have been doubly vaccinated I am comfortable with you arriving without a mask on and not wearing one during your visit.

• If you are not doubly vaccination (for whatever reason) I request that you wear a mask at all times in M&G.

• I will be continuing to wear a medical grade mask throughout your visit and treatment.
• All sanitising protocols will remain as before.