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Since Alice joined Miles and Green 3 years ago, she has been a valuable and well respected member of our team. With her calm, warm and giving nature she has not only been a wonderful work colleague but also a fantastic therapist. She has always been fully dedicated and has gone above and beyond to ensure a good working practice. We have had a lot of fun too! I cannot express my appreciation enough for the many times she has encouraged and supported me on business decisions that I’ve made. I feel so lucky that Alice chose to work at the clinic.

It is with sadness but also great admiration that I am announcing that Alice will be going on to a new venture in two weeks time. This is not a last minute decision, we have chatted through this together but while waiting on final decisions we decided to share the news when it was definite. I am so proud to say that Alice has been accepted onto a Degree Apprenticeship for the services. I have no doubt at all that her professionalism, dedication, empathy and strength will support this amazing career she has chosen.

We will continue to support each other on our different paths and I’m sure she will be popping back in for treatments!

On behalf of all of your clients, colleagues and me… GOOD LUCK ALICE, you are going to excel and be totally brilliant!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Note from Alice…

First I just want to say a massive thank you to Karen for the amazing opportunities she has given me at Miles and Green over the past 3 years, there is no doubt that those experiences have shaped the person I am today.

My time at the clinic has been a thoroughly enjoyable journey, one I am very grateful for and will certainly miss. Its been so much fun and incredibly rewarding.

Also I’d like to thank all of my wonderful clients, new and old, who have been so supportive and loyal to me (and M&G) over the last 3 years. Without all of you (and Karen) I wouldn’t be where I am today.

It wasn’t an easy decision to move on, but I feel when opportunities arise you have to grab them with both hands and give it your best shot-which of course I will.  Me and Karen will stay in close contact and continue to support each other!

I’d like to wish you all the best of luck and a happy and healthy future. Thank you all once again for your support and kindness.

Alice xx


Thank you to all of our wonderful clients for being so patient and waiting for us to be allowed to re-open again.  We are very much looking forward to getting back to normal and starting treatments.  We do have safety protocols in place, you can find them HERE>> please do familiarise yourselves with them before entering Miles and Green.

Your Health and Wellbeing is definitely our priority, so let’s get going!

GREAT NEWS! All massages back on the menu from September

By law all face, scalp and front shoulder massages can be booked from the 1st August.  Because we are nearly fully booked for August and to keep your safety at the top of our list we will re-introduce all of our treatments from the 1st September.  At that time we will also remove the maximum 30 minute treatment times, so it will be Any Treatment – Any Duration (almost normal!)

Why not look through our Massage Menu and see what we offer – 17 different types of massage and 5 advanced injury treatments.


WOOHOO! We cannot wait to see you all from the 3rd.  We have outlined the initial details and information in our latest email>> Please have a read through to familiarise yourselves with the temporary adjustments we have had to make.  While you’re there, sign up! Then you will have all clinic info hot off the press. 

Another place to find newly published information is our COVID-19 Updates page.

Thank you for your continued support, we have missed you!

Physiotherapy vs Sports Massage Therapy – Do You Know The Difference?

Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist or Sports Massage Therapist – all similar disciplines but what’s the difference?  Who is going to be best placed to help with your injury or ailment? Does it even matter? Here we explain the difference between the grey areas so you can make an informed choice when choosing who can help you reduce pain and start living and playing pain free again.

As Sports Massage Therapists we are often referred to by the public as one, or all, of the above titles.  We like to think  we take the best parts of the above and practise our own progressive treatment style.  But before we talk more about what we do let’s put the disciplines into context.


Physiotherapy is a really big subject.  It is normally what you, the public, associate with your needs when you have an injury, especially if you have had a visit to your GP. Physiotherapy is defined as “The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise rather than drugs or surgery”

Which is a pretty loose definition.  Physiotherapy has been around the longest and this is why you might associate injury treatment with physio.   Most Physiotherapists are taught an exercise based approach to treatment.  This is widely used in the NHS hence the legendary “here’s a sheet of exercises for you to do at home to help fix yourself”

That said there are many excellent Physiotherapists who are hands on with their treatment and use rehab exercises to compliment a hands on approach.  An approach as Sports Massage Therapists we like to use ourselves.

Sports Massage Therapy

Our discipline Sports Massage Therapy concentrates on the musculoskeletal side of things from the outset.  Our entire qualification focuses on trying to help you with that bit that hurts by using advanced massage skills, heat treatments, advanced injury treatments and advising on stretching programmes.  We are not qualified to diagnose conditions in the same way as a Sports Therapist or Physiotherapist would be.

Sports Therapy

Also concentrates on the musculoskeletal side of things and primarily use massage as a Sports Massage Therapist would but also joint mobilisation as a Physiotherapist would.  Can you see where the confusion comes from now?

The Verdict

As you can see the borders between the disciplines can only be described as grey.  With each discipline overlapping the other one.  If we can concentrate on what we’re doing with our clients and work together and be open to as many ways of helping our clients this can only be a good thing for our industry as a whole. What I love about Sports Massage Therapy is the total “hands on” approach.  Feeling the tissues, checking for discrepancies in the muscles, observing imbalances and using our skills to help make those discomforts/injuries go away.

For us regardless of discipline you choose we want you to find someone you can trust and like and has the knowledge and experience to help you get over your condition.  Personal recommendation is a great way of finding a therapist, we get most of our clients this way.  We highlight our lovely Testimonials on our website.

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