Audio Sonic Massage

 Audio Sonic Massage

Therapists – Karen/Alice

Consultation and first treatment | 60 minutes | £62.50/£55

Audio sonic treatment | 20 minutes | £20



Audio sonic massage therapy is the application of intrasonic sound waves of a carefully selected frequency, intensity and proven effectiveness. The waves stimulate the blood flow deep in the body tissue and begin your natural healing processes. Audio sonic sound wave pulses are conducted through lymph, cartilage, muscle tissue and bone, which is what makes it so effective and unique.

The audio sonic is a compact and high precision electrical device. The sound waves can penetrate up to 5-6 cm within the body, treating areas inaccessible to conventional manipulative techniques.   Audio Sonic is particularly effective when working around joints.  Clients with arthritis find it beneficial and treatments have produced good results for clients with Frozen Shoulder.

N.B all new clients will need a consultation on their first visit.