Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Therapist – Karen

Consultation and first treatment | 60 mins | £62.50

Full Body Treatment | 60 min | £62.50

Half Body Treatment | 30 min | £45



Manual Lymphatic Drainage is not a muscular massage.  MLD has powerful, cleansing, relaxing, pain relieving and immunological effects.  It is a gentle, flowing, rhythmic massage.  MLD is used primarily to promote the optimal functioning of the lymphatic vessels that lead to the circulatory system.  MLD techniques facilitate the removal of metabolic waste, excess water, toxins and bacteria from tissue via the lymph vessels.  Diets of highly processed foods, stress the lymphatic system with excess waste and toxins.  Coupled with not enough fluid intake, most of us have sluggish lymphatic systems.  For this reason, anybody can benefit from lymph drainage as part of a general detoxification programme.  It is effective in the treatment of a wide variety of problems including oedema(swelling), skin disorders, headache, sinus congestion, before and after flights,  sprains and aches, stress, digestive disorders, and before and after surgery to remove tissue congestion, reduce oedema and to relieve pain and tension.

Manual lymphatic massage is extremely gentle and feels wonderful and relaxing.  The majority of clients either fall asleep or go into a highly relaxed state, due to the slow, gentle rhythmic motions involved.  These techniques stimulate the movement of lymph through the lymph vessels.