CLOSED during lockdown

CLOSED during lockdown

I am so sorry to have to say this again. Sports Massage Therapists are unable to practice during the national lockdowns. 
Guidance at the moment is that it could be mid February until we open again, but I am planning on that being March.  I will keep you updated.  In the meantime my FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages will also be updated regularly.  The decorating of my new clinic is also in full flow, see what’s been happening HERE
Let’s be positive and look after each other.
Take care 💚


After nearly 5 incredible years in Devizes I have come to a break clause option in my lease.  I have decided to exercise that option and change my clinic location.

In April 2021 I am relocating to Bowerhill, Melksham into a purpose designed and renovated building.  The setting is perfect, overlooking my own garden.
You can expect the same level of professionalism and service that you are used to in Devizes.

Thank you for your amazing loyalty at Devizes and I cannot wait for you to join me in the Garden Clinic.

Karen x

For lots more info please read on my NEW! M&G GARDEN CLINIC PAGE


I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Karen x

I AM OPEN… kind of!

There have been some exciting developments over the past few days.  It has been regarding regulations and categorizations of our industry.  And yes it is slightly confusing and still in development BUT I would like to outline the progress that has been made and how that changes my permissions to work during lockdown#2.

Why couldn’t we originally work during lockdown?
Unlike Physiotherapists/Chiropractors/Osteopaths etc our industry was, up until now, not seen as a health service. 

What has changed?
Our federations have been lobbying since the first lockdown to have that changed, and it has! Initially it was Level 4 and 5 Sports Massage Therapists who were given the go ahead because of our training level but that has now been extended to other therapists. It has been recognised that the work that we do can ease the pressures off of the NHS by providing services to help with health and wellbeing.  This is a huge step forward and one that may open more doors with GP referrals, insurance cover etc (I’m getting ahead of myself!)  I would like to emphasise that until lockdown is over, it is not quite business as usual.

Great, can I book an appointment?
Yes, but there are restrictions in place until lockdown finishes on the 3rd December.  

Please read our latest email with all details and how to book.


Changes to Gift Voucher Policy

Following the COVID#1 closures we extended all of our gift voucher expiry dates. Some vouchers are still outstanding. with COVID#2 now upon us I have had to make the decision to halt more extensions.  All vouchers will now expire on 28th February 2021. Your voucher code will only work in clinic. Please book your appointment and we will action the voucher when you visit.

Please note: We have suspended the sale of Gift Vouchers at this time.


What’s 1 month between friends!?

Following the government announcement, Miles and Green will be closed throughout November.  We will re-open on Thursday 4th December.

This is an incredible blow, especially as I work so hard to ensure safety procedures are in place and strictly followed. 

But I’ve been here before so am well practised! My job over the next couple of days will be to rearrange all November appointments and I will try my best to fit those affected in, as soon as possible.  I will also keep you updated throughout November.

Please stay safe and see you soon. 


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